Is Tree Removal Necessary: Know the Signs

on Thursday, 17 July 2014.


Trees can provide significant benefits to landscapes, the environment, and even to your community. However, they can also provide a large risk to the safety of those nearby if not taken care of properly. Trees can become weak, sick or stressed and may cause damage to your property, or even potentially cause personal injury. It's incredibly important that you take the necessary steps to properly care for trees in order to reduce the risks.

It doesn't always require immediate tree removal - many times proper, regular care can help you identify when a tree is becoming hazardous and only then may require preventative measures to reduce the chance of the tree falling. It's your responsibility to monitor trees on your property and to know the signs for when tree removal services may be necessary and to know ways to diminish the risks.
The Inteational Society of Arboriculture suggests the follow considerations:
  • Are there large dead branches in the tree?
  • Are there detached branches hanging in the tree?
  • Does the tree have cavities or rotten wood along the trunk or in major branches?
  • Are mushrooms present at the base of the tree?
  • Are there cracks or splits in the trunk or where branches are attached?
  • Have any branches fallen from the tree?
  • Have adjacent trees fallen over or died?
  • Has the trunk developed a strong lean?
  • Do many of the major branches arise from one point on the trunk?
  • Have the roots been broken off, injured, or damaged by lowering the soil level, installing pavement, repairing sidewalks, or digging trenches?
  • Has the site recently been changed by construction, raising the soil level, or installing lawns?
  • Have the leaves prematurely developed an unusual color or size?
  • Have trees in adjacent wooded areas been removed?
  • Has the tree been topped or otherwise heavily pruned?
If you answered yes to any of these, you should contact a professional arborist to conduct a safety assessment on your tree(s).
Let Tree Away Tree Service Help You
Tree Away's certified arborist can help you manage the trees on your property and can provide services or treatments that can help with your tree's health. Knowing what it takes to keep the trees strong, and being able to identify problems that may be underground where you can't see them requires the expertise of a skilled arborist. Many preventive forms of care can be used before tree removal becomes necessary. However, there are multiple different services that Tree Away Tree Service offers that may be utilized to protect your property and your loved ones from dangerous trees.
Please give our staff a call to discuss your potentially dangerous tree, and have us assist you if necessary.

Selecting a Tree Trimming Company

on Thursday, 17 July 2014.


Choosing the Appropriate Tree Removal Service

Healthy trees that are not close to buildings or power outlines help improve the value and appearance of a property. On the contrary, if a tree is seriously impaired, rotting, or otherwise not producing leaves, it can be an eyesore along with the potential result of injuries and property damage.

In the majority of instances, trees tend to be a desired feature of a commercial or residential property. More typically today, trees enhance the value of a property as well as bring about to their total visual appeal. As almost every feature of a property, trees require maintenance to remain a positive commodity. Though it is better to act sooner, you will know when a tree needs service when its growth has become a burden instead of an enhancement.

To make an informed decision when selecting a tree contractor, it really is essential to get a minimal of two quotes. Tree removal companies use different techniques and equipment, which can lead to a differential in cost. In case you need only tree trimming services, it is wise to use a reputable company, so that the work that is done simply thins the tree without causing fatal harm to the tree. Tree Away is a very reputable company, and takes great pride in its long list of references; when comparing a Tree Away quote to another you will lea that Tree Away will do a thorough job, with the highest quality of skill and equipment, and their bid will be very competitive. Considering that the work included in eliminating or even cutting down on trees can become hazardous, it is highly recommended to choose a tree removal company that carries the required insurance and contains at least four or five years of experience. Tree Away has such insurance and experience, and is owned and operated by a certified Arborist (An Arborists is a professional in arboriculture with the general focus on the health and safety of individual plants and trees ).

It is advised that in your search for a tree trimming or tree removal company that you avoid those who simply focus on u201cquicku201d and u201clow costu201d. Especially if you have never witnessed the service in action, tree maintenance can be a daunting task, with a strict need of precision in order to avoid property damage or injuries. Before you commit to any service, have the company come to your property, assess the scope of the project, and to thoroughly explain what they plan to do. While they do this, be sure to ask many questions or address any conces you might have.

Tree Away is confident that they can handle any project you might need, and would be more than happy to come to your property, shake your hand, and take you through the service step-by-step. If you would like references, simply ask, and you can be provided a list of people that grows everyday, all are very happy that they chose Tree Away for their tree removal needs!

Tree Stump Removal Options

on Thursday, 17 July 2014.

Deciding What Kind of Stump Removal Process to Use

When using Tree Away for Tree Removal services, itu2019s important to note that there are options for what to do with the remaining stump. Some people choose to leave it, while others see the added benefit and safety to removing the stump entirely. There are actually a number of ways to go about the stump removal process. For instance:

  • Hand or Machine Digging
  • Grinding Chipping
  • Buing
  • Mechanical Pushing/Pulling
  • Water Air Excavation
  • And many othersu2026

Tree Away recommends Grinding as the ideal form of stump removal, and suggests grinding the stump to a level of 6-12 inches below the surrounding ground. This allows for an adequate level of topsoil to be placed above so as to bring about the best repair and replanting capabilities. Properly removing the stump also limits the re-growth possibilities and other disturbances to the surrounding area.

There are four primary types of stump grinders: hand manipulated handlebar machines self-propelled machines; tow-behind machines; and truck / tractor mount machines. Stump grinders pushed by hand can fit into small areas but may take a longer time to grind. Small machines may also be limited by the depth of grinding but we feel that there are benefits to being able to push or walk through areas as small as 36 inches wide.

Stump grinding should always include a skirt or fencing around the stump to control flying debris and limit where stray pieces of stump and soil may end-up. This also means that there should be adequate room inside the skirting to allow for wood chip build up, as there is typically 4 times as much volume in chips as there is in solid wood stump.

For any stump grinding / chipping job a number of specifications should be outlined: the depth of stump removal below grade, the extent around the stump to remove large roots, clean up procedures and chip removal, and residual damage repair to the landscape. Chip disposal is also critical. Chips can be: left where they fall, leveled, spread, moved elsewhere on-site, removed from site, or dumped back into the stump excavation hole. The excavation hole can be cleaned out completely and backfilled with clean soil. The decisions regarding material deposition are important for the future use of the stump site, for the values of the surrounding landscape, and for the cost alteatives for off-site disposal.

There are obviously benefits to each form of stump removal, but we feel that the least damage/disturbance to the surrounding area is done through grinding/chipping. To learn more about our exact process, please visit our Stump Removal page.